Save the Children Norway

Increased interaction yields results

We have delivered leadership and cultural development courses for Save the Children Norway since spring 2014. The aim is to integrate leadership development with the development of the organization. The process involves senior management as well as all the section heads and team leaders. It combines cultural development with an emphasis on two values. The process consists of modules for all middle managers, a development process for the senior management team, and internal sessions (“leadership forum”) for all the managers in the organization. We have worked with strength-based development anchored in the two values and introduced regular 1:1 meetings.

The feedback so far is extremely positive. Departments and sections are well underway with the cultural change, collaborative processes are ongoing, meeting discipline has improved, and employee motivation has risen. The interaction between the different management levels and functions has improved significantly and was a strong contributing factor to Save the Children Norway being awarded a historically large grant from Norad.

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Leadership and cultural development

About the client
Save the Children Norway is a voluntary, non-governmental member organization with no political or religious ties.