Norwegian Industrial Property Office

Strengthened implementation capacity for an expanded management team

Development and implementation of management training for 25 managers in cooperation with the Norwegian Industrial Property Office’s HR department. The aim was to enhance the managers’ execution skills and their ability to facilitate learning and development. The training course was based on systems theory and a strength-based academic foundation and  consisted of four sessions, starting in 2014 and ending in the summer of 2015:

  1. “Myself as a leader” – strength-based strategy and the individual’s role and visions for the organization and themselves as a leader
  2. “Strength-based management of employees” – for motivation and improved execution skills
  3. “Improved execution skills”
  4. “The future” – integrate learning and ensure further development.

Some success criteria:

  • Close collaboration with HR and the organization
  • Making the course content relevant to everyday work
  • Strength-based development as the recurring theme

Assessit has also assisted with the measurement of work commitment and a train-the-trainer workshop with a view to encouraging self-management.

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About the client
The Norwegian Industrial Property Office is a national center for intellectual property rights and values.