Health sector

Assessit has assisted various organizations within the health sector with recruitment of executives and specialists and evaluation of management teams, among other things.

It is an extensive sector with large, complex organizations and many small and exciting entrepreneur companies. We work mainly with business-related issues, but have also provided assistance in certain health-related areas. Our assignments in this sector have primarily entailed Executive Search, a few of which were combined with advertising through selected media channels.

Some of the organizations and companies Assessit has worked with in the past include the following: Southern and Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority, the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, Southern and Eastern Norway Pharmaceutical Trust (Sykehusapotekene), Omega Pharma, Øssur (OCH Ortopediske), Invcare, Life Technologies (Invitrogen Dynal), Stiftelsen Betanien and more.

Some of the roles we have filled for these businesses include:

Country Manager
HR Director
Medical Marketing Manager
IT Manager
Project Managers
Regional Directors
Marketing Managers