Development, construction and real estate

Assessit has helped many different businesses in the fields of development, construction, and real estate.

We have many years’ experience working with contractors, real estate companies, as well as other developers, consultancies, project and construction management firms and brokers.

Our assignments in this sector have primarily entailed Executive Search, a few of which were combined with advertising through selected media channels.

Assessit has had a long collaboration with the following organizations: NCC, Multiconsult, Boligbygg Oslo KF, SIO, Betonmast, JM, Entra, Aase Byggeadministrasjon, Norwegian Property, Oslo Areal, Clemens Eiendom, Veidekke, PEAB, Bane NOR, Baneservice, Implenia, Rejlers, LINK Arkitektur, CF Møller Architects, TOBB, Privatmegleren, Posten Eiendom, Norsk Byggtjenester, ONCO and more.

Some of the positions we have filled for these businesses include:

Chief Finance Officers (CFO)
Chief Information Officer (CIO)
Group CFOs
Managing Director UK
Managing Director Poland
Division Directors
Regional Directors
Real-estate Directors
Administrative Directors
Project Directors
HR Directors
Heads of Communication
Legal Directors
Purchasing Directors
QA Managers
Property Managers
Project Developers
Business Developers
Project Managers
Grant Managers
Technical Directors for various technical fields
Project Managers