Cultural, humanitarian and non-profit organizations

Assessit has helped several major and important cultural, humanitarian, and non-profit organizations which are driven by political and social objectives.

Positions in these organizations are often demanding and characterized by balancing important responsibilities with effective leadership and management. We have assisted in the identification of competence areas for certain roles and with the recruitment of senior managers, middle managers, and key specialists.

We handle these assignments through a combination of active searching for the best candidates and advertising in relevant media.

Assessit has had a long collaboration with the following organizations: Norwegian Refugee Council, Save the Children Norway, United Nations, the Writers’ Guild of Norway, the Norwegian Center For New Playwriting, Filmfond Nord, Nordisk Film, the Norwegian Shipowners Association, Virke (the Enterprise Federation of Norway), the Norwegian Consumer Council and more.

Some of the positions we have filled for these businesses include:

Deputy Secretary General
HR Director
Technical Directors of Health, Transportation, Finance, Housing, Digitization
Heads of Communication
Business policy advocates
Program Controllers
Cinema Managers
Negotiation Managers
Managers for various technical fields
Artistic Directors
Project managers and consultants