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Better and safer with the continuous development

Assessit has developed a Manager Program for Bekk. The aim was for managers to feel more comfortable in their roles and improve their competencies, as well as to develop new talents and encourage continuous learning. The program ran over a two-year period with six modules/sessions and group work taking place between modules/sessions.

“Bekk is very satisfied with Assessit. They always delivered on time and as agreed.”

Anne Engen, Director of HR, Information and Administration

The program emphasizes enhancing existing strengths and working more effectively and differently with weaknesses. Key themes have included the manager role, communication and relationships, self-management and job satisfaction, well-functioning and effective teams, and coaching and recognition – all of which were put in the context of everyday work as a manager.

The program has been continued in the form of a Manager Forum running over two years. Assessit has also developed and carried out training courses at BEKK’s Senior Bootcamp over three years and held courses for new managers.

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Leadership development – design, development, and implementation

About the client
Bekk is a Norwegian company consisting of 400 strategy, design, and technology specialists.

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Reflected Best Self ExerciseTM  developed by the Center for Positive Organizational Scholarship at the University of Michigan

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