Successful merger with a focus on integration and organizational culture

Assessit has been a partner in the integration and development of organizational culture in the merger between Safetel and Multicom. The goal was a successful merger of the new group, AddSecure.

Assessit helped AddSecure “unfreeze” and engender a desire for change, establish common values, streamline processes within the corporate management group, strengthen the senior management team’s ability to act as an agent of change, and develop new collective practices from the corporate management to the organization as a whole.

Over a period of approximately 18 months, Assessit has guided and supported AddSecure’s senior management team in creating a new shared corporate culture. Thanks to their commitment, approach, professionalism and amazing dedication and belief in what we do, Assessit has strongly contributed to AddSecure’s success in achieving its goals.

Stefan Albertsson, Chief Executive Officer

The process started with the group management board producing a foundation of values that they believed should characterize the corporate culture – Team Spirit and Customer Focus. We conducted “unfreeze sessions” with all the employees, moved cultural development out into the different departments, and helped the managers involve and engage their staff and help them take ownership of the process. We also trained all the managers in effective communication and coaching techniques.

AddSecure has delivered excellent results, and over the fall of 2015, they developed a common value chain process that reflects the corporate culture the group strives for

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Organizational development/Organizational change

About the client
AddSecure develops products and services in the field of securing critical communication. The group employs over 130 staff across Norway, Sweden, and Denmark.

Products / methods used
The organization’s cultural development is anchored in a three-step process for change (unfreeze-change-consolidate” and four fundamental principles of change: 1) Focused attention, 2) Action, 3) Consequences, and 4) Role models.